Upcoming Smartphones 2015



As 2015 gets in progress, it is situated to be an alternate critical and momentous twelve months in the versatile business sector. An extensive variety of fascinating cell phones are booked for discharge, so here I will introduce you the top 5 upcoming smartphones in 2015 and with 17 percent of people stream live sports on their smartphone you can understand why people would want the latest smartphones with the largest and highest resolution screens to enjoy sports on. If after reading this you need additional help finding the right cell phone and plan for you have a look at Boost Mobile reviews.


A few reports are proposing that the new upcoming smartphones “iPhone 7“will weigh 129 grams, the same amount of as the iPhone 6, however this upcoming smartphone will look more like a phablet than a standard cell phone. It is estimated that the new upcoming smartphones iPhone 7 will have 4.7 inch display screen as the iPhone 6 but the most amazing thing is expected in this upcoming smartphones is that it will have a gesture controls that is already launched in Samsung

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