Smartphones top 5 in 2014


The whole World is full of technologies, there is so much out there in the world. However, it’s obvious that this world would be incomplete without technology, simple things like being able to check your Facebook, or even ringing someone up would be a lot harder, and potentially it might be impossible. There are some people who might say that technology is becoming too advanced as well. For example, elderly people aren’t interested in checking their Facebook, and instead, just want to be able to ring up their grandchildren or friends whenever they can. For them, they don’t need this fancy technology, instead, they could just use these elderly friendly cell phones to keep them happy. That’s just for the elderly though, a lot of the younger generation would feel incomplete without a phone that could update them about all their social media accounts. It’s not just these reasons that people use technology though, a lot of people are making a living from having a social media account and being an influencer. Without technology, this is a job that would be nearly impossible. It’s also a lot easier for people to use technology to help with their social media as they can even become instagram models if they wanted (as this is something which can help them get more followers). It’s not just influencers that need to use technology in their day, but so many other companies use technology to help with their business. You probably already know that most companies use computers in their everyday working life. But also mobile technology is starting to become a more popular form of technology as mobile technology is starting to rise high from all other technologies. Technology means “the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and theirinterrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects asindustrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science”. From here, i’ll discuss top 5 smartphones in 2014. These five smartphones went against an ocean of equivalence to offer really helpful, engaging or exceptional gimmicks.


1) IPhone 6 plus:

IPhone 6 plus is on the top 1 in the list of smartphones. The 6.22 inches high and 3.06 inches wide, with weight that simply tips in excess of 6 ounces, the iphone 6 Plus is just a lot of smartphones for some individuals. It’s fortunate Apple propelled a couple of smartphones in the not so distant future. The littler iphone 6 may in any case be bigger than its antecedent, however at any rate its sufficiently compelling to handle ios 8 and Apple Pay portable installments without busting any pockets.

However in the event that you can wrap your head (and your hands) around it, the Plus gives Apple’s ios versatile stage its best chance to sparkle. That 5.5-inch “HD Retina Display” accompanies full 1080p determination and 401 pixels every inch, offering a lavish, ample environment some place between smartphones and smaller tablets.

The best thing about the 6 Plus: battery life. Apple doesn’t unveil the milliampere hour appraisals of its iphone batteries, yet ifixit teardowns uncover that the Plus offers 2915 mah battery, while the iphone 6 accompanies a 1810 mah battery. As such, the greater smartphones accompany a battery that is around half greater than the littler model.

it is the Apple’s best smartphones yet.

note 4

2) Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on the top 2 in the list of smartphones. The Note 4 addressed commentators who griped about the Note 3’s shoddy and gooey feel. The new form offers a more premium feel, on account of Samsung jettisoning the artificial metal plastic for genuine metal groups and previous the fake sewing that used to framework the back.

The new model additionally offers a slimmer bezel for a more wonderful 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED screen. The presentation packs in 515 pixels every inch, making it more keen than the one in the iphone 6 Plus, and the Note 3. That dazzling showcase doesn’t destroy the battery, however; the gadget accompanies a colossal 3,220mah battery. Programming enhancements make it last much more, and when it does need garnish off, quick charging gimmicks make speedy and simple work of it.

moto x

3) Motorola Moto X:

Motorola Moto X is on the top 3 in the list of smartphones. The Moto X has turned into a discriminating dear, offering an unadulterated, non-altered form of Android in a hot, yet moderate bundle that clients can redo themselves. Like Samsung, it jettisoned a plastic trim to run with metal, putting genuine aluminum on the sides. Those flank a greater 5.2-inch full HD screen that offers more space, yet sits significantly all the more agreeably in the hand.

The phone’s outward appeal is matched within with quicker execution and the request of rapid programming overhauls that just stock Android can bear. There are no interior customizations or mods to act as a burden, ensuring that the Moto X (like Google’s lead, the Motorola-made Nexus 6) will get the most recent forms as they take off.

The X may not be a flawless cell phone the cams and absence of microsd card opening come up short yet it accompanies great battery life, aggressive transforming force and an awesome style suggestion. In the event that gives clients put off by the Nexus 6’s enormous 6-inch screen an alternate choice for a stock Android smartphones, at a moderate cost of $500 (full retail) and $50 on contract.

oneplus one

4) OnePlus One:

OnePlus One is on the top 4 in the list of smartphones. Given the soul of experimentation inborn in the Oneplus One, you may expect a tinker toy of smartphones. You’d not be right. The One offers a marginally bended, texturized back that feels steady in the hand. In case you’re acquainted with the excellence known as the Oppo Find 7, the high form quality or craftsmanship of the One will appear to be to a great degree commonplace to you. Oppo holds a part proprietorship stake in Oneplus, and the smartphones are made at Oppo’s generation plant. The gadget characteristics respectable inward fittings details, and a 5.5-inch full HD screen that offers high perceivability, even in wide daylight.

It’s a variety on Android Kitkat 4.4, with a couple of key contrasts, for example, an extended desktop mode, signals to trigger the cam screen, voice-controlled wake mode, and interface subjects that are adaptable down to try and little points of interest, which ought to truly engage control monstrosities. Similarly as with any investigation, then again, solidness can be tricky. Luckily, the no-agreement cost of $299 to $349 (for 16gb to 64gb) takes some of sting out of that.


5) BlackBerry Classic:

BlackBerry Classic is on the top 5 in the list of smartphones. A late-breaking expansion to the rundown, the Blackberry Classic denote the reappearance of the organization’s praised fittings QWERTY console. Few cell phones offer physical consoles any longer, so this late presentation ought to satisfy a fantastically underserved business. Generally, the smartphone demonstrates that Blackberry may in any case have some life left in it

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