Today the advancement of technologies rise to the climax. Everyone trying to use new technologies for their comfort and luxury. In this technology world, the most important and amazing app is “siri app“.

siri app

The “siri app” is an amazing app and belongs to many important features, one of the main important and helpful feature is that to find the owner of the phone if you find the lost iPhone.

How it works and how to find the “owner” of the lost or stolen iPhone?

Suppose you find an iPhone from somewhere else and the iPhone is absolutely perfect, then you can easily  contact with the real owner faster and it is not difficult for you to find out the owner of the iPhone.

The simple thing is that you press the home button of IOS and then “siri app” is activated. Now you can ask that “who is the owner of the iPhone?”

The “siri app” will show the name and contact information like email address, phone number and home address of the owner. Hopefully, this “siri app” will provide you more and enough required  information as soon as possible.

Important Point:

The most and important point is this that when you activate “siri app” and the question you ask using “siri app” is “whose owns this phone?” or “whose phone is this?” this is correct format and this “siri app” will immediately display the required information. But if you say that “whose owns this iPhone?” or “whose iPhone is this?” then “siri app” will not response you and will offer you to the direct apple’s website.

Another important is that you can only find the owner of the iPhone, if and only if “siri app” is activate on the lock screen and of course the phone is charged otherwise this method is useless.




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