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Iphone 5 Vs Galaxy- Battle Royal


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Apple aced the show once again. None other company can beat Apple or have that much of the capabilities to come up to the standards of Apple Iphone but we should better appreciate Samsung for taking out of the best of this opportunity.

Everybody knows that because of sudden and what more sad departure of STEVE JOB, launching date of Iphone 5 was extended and here comes the ball in the court of other companies. This break gives a golden chance to Samsung to explore the beauty of their mobile phones and above all hitting markets and earning handsomely. When Samsung assessed that people are going crazy for something new and bombastic, they launched extremely gorgeous handsets i.e. GALAXY S2 and GALAXY TAB.

Hats off to Samsung! Really they did an exceptionally extraordinary job by getting hold of half of the market shares only through these two sets. They rocked the market by hitting it at the right time and this is what we call RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT TIME, and RIGHT PLACE. They achieved the highest sale record ever. Their one day sale was equivalent to their year sale record and people truly enjoyed these mobiles as they are friendly in nature and contain adipolli features.

Wait! Wait! Something more

Picture is not over yet. Don’t you want to know the other side of this story? Aren’t you interested to know what happened to Galaxy Tab? Do you think that apple did nothing and watched their success? So here is the complete anecdote.

Apple sued Samsung Galaxy Tab for stealing their patent and making it available to the whole market. Samsung is really naughty and full of business mind. Do you know how Samsung answered Apple for this case? They counter file Apple for using their copyright in Iphone 4. You know what it is known as; Tit for Tat. But what’s the result?

When the court announced the result; you know what happened? Apple rocked, Samsung shocked; as upshot of both the cases were in the favor of Apple. Samsung not only lost both the cases other than that the galaxy Tab has been banned in some of the countries. Apple proved itself to be the king of market. How much effort any one can put into its handset cannot come up to the standards of Iphone. As APPLE is APPLE.

Now hold your horses Iphone lovers! Iphone 5 will be going to astound you very soon probably in the mid of October and I am damn sure that it is going to be the best phone of the world and drive the people wild through its extreme features.

Jokes apart guys, Samsung somehow impressed me. Great move Guys.

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  1. Hands down!!! You guys have come up with such an informative text! iPhone 5 wont be surprise though, having the tag apple so it’l surely b of sharp features..

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