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Hey fun lovers!

Aren’t you bored of your daily routine and hectic jobs? Don’t you want to go in the world of melodious voices where you can make your mind calm and cool? Don’t you want to go in your childhood back once again where everything is up to your desire? So, here we have something very special for you all i.e. a game. A game that drives you to the world of fantasy, childhood and much more. Any guess which type of game I m talking about?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You got my point. I m talking about guitar app GAME. We are going to introduce a unique guitar game on your iphone which is a musical video game having multi player options such as you can make your own compositions, listen compositions of different brands, can play diverse tunes and you can also make list of songs. The most advantageous feature of this game is that you don’t have to keep a separate guitar and you can play this game whenever and where ever you want.

Although this game is specially designed for guitar freaks but after installing this game it will become special for you also. You can enjoy all the benefits simply by downloading this application on your iphone and I am dead sure this game is going to prove itself to be your best buddy. So what you are waiting for? This game is just a doorstep away from you.

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Don’t go anywhere; be with us, we will be right back with this exciting application after a short time.

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8 Responses to Guitar Gusto

  1. veronica says:

    wowww… cool! im waiting fot this game.. 😉

  2. aadi says:

    cant w8 for it to come :)..hope so it ll b awesome 🙂

  3. Adam says:

    This is gonna b so cool.. 24th august!! ahaaaaan not too far 😉

  4. Christ says:

    yo man! i like it.. waiting desperately 😛

  5. waj says:

    14th dec.. tooo far! :/

  6. asicsshoes says:

    as well as Impression Advice

  7. guitar says:

    Rock n roll. This is as true as it gets