Rest in Peace Steven Paul Jobs(1955-2011)


A long journey of visionary comes to an end now. A person who served the technology for 35 Years now is in his final place sleeping very calmly and with peace having no tension of work or the new version of IPhone. If we look back then no one could think that at second month of year 1955, Date 24 birth of a child would made people all over the world think in a different and technical way. Jobs Family adopted that child from the Syrian Muslim Family and he made this possible that people now have their computers in their pockets and handbags. steve paul Jobs”, his career began in 1976 when he first introduced personal computers, the Apple II series and ends his career as a CEO of Apple.Inc in 2011.

Now if we take a look on his career then we can see he not only served Apple but also worked in different renowned companies like Pixar Animation Studios, The Walt Disney Company.

We must be thankful to Apple especially Mr. Steve, he gave us Smartphone , Iphone, Ipad and all the Mac Products have now in people’s pockets and in Handbags are his creation and they are the imposture of his intelligence and genius. When he resigned Apple he formed a NEXT company, this company is a computer platform development company for higher education business markets

Steve a co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and made many successful and famous animation stories like Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles Cars and Ratatouille. This company later on merged with The Walt Disney Company and afterwards Steve served that company as board of Director.

Then he got married and his successful married life made it back to Apple and after rejoining Apple started delivering iconic product after iconic product. The iMac, OS X, the iPod, iTunes (which was very good, before it was very bad), the iPhone, the iPad. He made all the products as human products that can not only at used at their workplace but also at home place, one can easily work on his bedroom no need to be all the time in workplace.

He could be arrogant and unforgiving but he had changed the world. One cannot enjoy the things, the new technologies without him. A Good Father, Good Husband and a Good Person,  World has lost a visionary and we will miss him a lot.

Good Bye Steven Paul Jobs and thank you and we cannot forget the efforts he put in to take Apple where it is right now.

Apple in crises already.

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