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Drastically bad move; Apple!


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Tim Cook! What are you up to?

Everyone wants Iphone 5 and people are anxiously waiting for Iphone 5 and you are playing with their emotions by introducing Iphone 4S instead of Iphone 5. Isn’t it a set back for the people who are cutting down their expenses just to get Iphone 5? Do you think so this is what people want; an upgraded version of Iphone 4?

No, you are wrong and you have made others realize that they were right about taking the position of Jobs and you have proved it yourself. Tim! Please don’t make fun of Iphone lovers through your this highly imprudent behavior. People want something new that can fulfill their desire not that they already have.

World is already disappointed because of Jobs sad departure and delay in launch of Iphone 5 and now you are adding fuel to the fire. In this way you are not only going to lose your customers but also this move has investors to think hard about further relationship.

Oh God! Do you have any idea how much people were passionate about Iphone 5 but at the split second it is difficult to say anything. You have really disenchanted every one.

Only God knows what is going to happen with Apple now! We can barely pray for Apple as you guys really need good wishes.

Buck Up Guys especially Mr Tim Cook because the game is in your hand now.

Loose or cruise the SHOW.

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