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Parley Social Hub


Set the sail with Pirates, Get Social with Pirate Language ! Pirates Cam, Parley social hub is for pirate lovers and yes for everyone out there to make them love pirates with its pirate cam, pirate codes and interactive pirates emotions. Take a picture of your friend or use the picture from your gallery and…(Read More)

Chicky Picky Saga


Do not blink your eyes else, you will miss eggs falling from sky How would one feel if suddenly lots of eggs starting falling from sky? The first thought that might come in anyone’s mind is an alien attack. Or egg rain? But it can be a reward too especially if you are playing…(Read More)

Whack Zombies


The Undead are unleashed and are awaking in full moon nights Whack them and send them back to Hell. Horror fun packed game is an iconic intervention for the app lovers. The undead will rise and you have to whack them to fill the Hell. It’s something new for the Halloween feast. Don’t…(Read More)

Islamic world


Take the visit of Islamic Lands for kids where we have got great Islamic stuff for your kids. Kids are in the digital age so give them a chance to learn about Islam the way they know best. Read and Listen to the 99 Names of Allah with their meaning. The beautiful voice of recitation…(Read More)

Bees Spot On


New Era of Killer Bees has began! Its time to eliminate them! Dive into the ocean of fun with popping bees. Bees Spot On a game that won’t let you even to take your sight away from your smartphone. The core logic behind the game is to spot the bees before they disappear. It…(Read More)

Dollar Slider


 Playing with Dollar Slider is easy and gives you a fun time without any deep or unwanted options. but If you still are having any difficulty then here is the detail help for you. Tapping this option will make you ready to play the game. As soon as tap the dollar section the game will…(Read More)

Sky Ballons Saga


We like balloons. We love parties. If there’s a party with balloons we’re in heaven… Welcome to our new Sky Balloons Saga App – which throws a party decorated with colorful balloons for people of all ages. This app is for sure going to lift your moods and fill you up with desire to…(Read More)

HAVE you ever had an encounter with the expert prison breaker? NO WAY Not all of us want to meet such horrible thief, who is running away from the cops every time. The cops are really irritated by his prison-breaking habits and ducking away skills. Who can be that someone who is clever enough…(Read More)

Cube Blaster


In this epic adventure you will be taken through several levels. The name of this game is “Cube Blaster” but it is not at all like the other cube games. It does not involve any boring cubes. This game is a mix of simple everyday fun. It’s a ball game. It is easy to…(Read More)

Dollar Grabber


Who doesn’t love Dollar? We all do, don’t we? Would you like be next Wolf of Wall Street 🙂 ? Excited, yet hard to believe, eh? Don’t be, for we bring you, for the first time ever, a golden chance to earn dollars easily with our brand new Dollar Grabber App. Tap your finger…(Read More)