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Sky Balloons


Sky-balloon is a very entertaining app, specially designed for kids and adults, infect every age group love to play this game. While designing this game the special factor we kept in mind was the usability and user interaction. Because of that this app engages people for hours. Alternatively People always love to play this…(Read More)

Tipi Tapi Toee


BEAT YOUR TIME by tapping your screen clear off the foulest looking monsters in known history. Do that; and the glory is all yours! The GRIPPING fan favorite with millions of downloads returns has lots to promise, and this time your score’s at stake! Tap out as many monsters in the littlest amount of…(Read More)

Beggar Escape


Beggar Escape is a fun game which gives you control of a beggar, all you need to do is to save the poor beggar from falling stones. Beggar Escape is an adventurous game which will give you an amazing game feel. share it with your friends so that they can enjoy their free time. [super…(Read More)

Snack Reader


Snack Reader is an application of short stories, this application will entertain you with its amazing short stories.  Do you want to kill your time with snack reader well written short stories, if yes then you should try this iPhone/iPad application. [super 33…(Read More)

Icecream stick Artwork

This world is full of creative and imaginative people. Their creativity is worth seeing. Sometimes whatever they do is unbelievable. Ice cream sticks are a common item in arts. Children enjoy the process of creating art and displaying it. Kids/adults are more found of this as its fun. They can made lot of different…(Read More)

Brain Matrix


Ready to exorcize your brain ! Its not  EASY any more This game is purely the source of entertainment and it is really popular among the kids specially. And adults also find it challenging and stimulating as well. This game is low budget game; all you need is playing cards. It is multiplier game. In…(Read More)

A well-made, proper budget and plan has a great impact on our financial lives. If we do not have one, we may have to face financial problems of various kinds. You may even end up with a poor credit rating if you fail to make bill payments on time. This could lead to you…(Read More)

Budget Economical


Building a budget is the act of combining your income and expenses so that you can decide how much money you are going to spend on one item, how much on another, and so on-before you actually spend the money. Creating a budget doesn…(Read More)

Apple also put out a minor update to its apple software update TV system software that lets users control the device with a Bluetooth keyboard. Along with the ability to play music you’ve purchased from iTunes through iCloud. You’ll also get a new “Up Next” feature that lets you choose what to play…(Read More)

Apple iPhone rumors are nothing new, but the latest report suggests that Cupertino has at least three iPhones up its sleeve for 2013, one of which has been dubbed the “iPhone Math”. This past week was light on rumors but still managed to pack in plenty worth picking apart. A last-minute entry, the supposed…(Read More)