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If your iphone screen can get all sorts of scratches on it, and you don’t have an iphone screen protector on it. here are some points to fix your iphone screen scratches. Regardless of the amount you infant your iPhone, scratches will in the long run show up on your  iphone screen with no…(Read More)

Camera of iPhone patent with 3 sensors Apple is now and then criticized for its choice to stay with a 8-megapixel camera sensor for the last four iPhones, yet another patent proposes it is chipping away at a progressive new module comprising of three sensors camera that could enhance low-light execution and shading…(Read More)

IPhone 7 The iphone 7 is as of now a hot topic, despite the fact that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have just been out for a couple of months. You may be astounded by the amount of theory there is about the iphone 7 as of now: bits of gossip about the…(Read More)

IPHONE 6S Bits of gossip about the up and coming era of iPhones have begun to get pace now that we’re headed through March, yet we can hope to see them tumbling in every day as 2015 proceeds. We’ve gathered the greater part of the theory we’ve seen so far about the…(Read More)

Seagate Wireless plus If you want to download movies, music, videos or something else but your iPhone storage is not enough. So, if you want to expand the storage of your iPhone, iPad then Seagate Wireless plus portable hard drive is a 500GB mobile storage device that can provide you more storage than what Apple…(Read More)

If you are conscious about your fitness and health, but due to busy routine you can not go to gym or think about yourself. So don’t curious, a smart technology can help you. It’s time to get yourself some workout clothes (from somewhere like and get…(Read More)

Yesterday Apple uncovered extra insights about the up and coming Apple watch, for example, the amount it will cost and when it will be accessible for procurement. Another important information about Apple watch is  that it’s battery will be replaceable. So if you are worried over burning through several dollars on an Apple watch…(Read More)

Apple always try to give an innovative inventions to their users. Now again Apple is trying to make a new ways to make a waterproof iphone. If you are using iphone 6, then you need to using waterproof iphone casing or pay some money to the company to protect you iphone 6 with some special…(Read More)

As we know all that oxygen is important for us and we can not breath without oxygen. But if we talk about smartphones, battery is very important for them and without battery, smartphones will be off. So, the main important thing in smartphones are battery. If you have experience difficulty enduring the day without charging…(Read More)

Taking after a short beta testing period, Apple’s site has been redesigned to make its iWork suite of applications available to all clients, even those without an Apple gadget. iCloud has had a pretty rough few years. With cases such as the iCloud breach in 2014, businesses are pretty worried about how…(Read More)